Benaya Art Ceramics

Benaya Art Ceramics

All of our Benaya products are hand-crafted by specially trained artisans who form our Guilds. The images and designs themselves, however, are created by a team visual artists who make up our Design House.

Hand Crafted Benaya Ceramic Tile Art:

These beautiful and artistic Benaya ceramic tile art wal plagues, coasters, murals and trivets are hand crafted, hand painted tiles and fired with brilliantly colorful and complex glazes. They are pertmanent images that will never fade or dull.

The Aristic process is very labor intensive.

First, they draw the image on the rough ceramic art tile, then apply the raised relief work. Create the 3 dimensional outline then hand paint tiles with several layers of glaze. Kiln Fire for 24 hours at 1800 degrees farenheit. Set for another 24 hours. Brilliant works of art immortalized in stone.


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