At the heart of everything we do at Fleeceworks™ is our love for our horses and passion for our sport. If something doesn't work out, our horses are the first to let us know.

We design our product with input from top competitors, veterinarians and saddle makers to insure that the results hold up to the most rigorous standards, and that our designs reflect up to date changes in tack design.

We understand how hard each of us works to be able to enjoy our horses. It doesn't matter if you ride 'just for fun' or train for competitions, time spent with your horses should not be wasted by having to deal with sub-quality equipment. This is why we work hard to make our products as good as can be.

Even though we are a very young company, our team consists of experienced, talented and committed individuals and we are more than ready to take the concept of equestrian sheepskin to the next level.


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