Genesis Fine Arts

Genesis Fine Arts

Nestled in the heart of the lake district around Mullingar, Ireland are the work-shops and studios of Genesis Fine arts, established in 1986 to produce a range of hand crafted cold cast bronze sculptures.

The name Genesis was chosen to reflect the origins of sculpture in Ireland which truly began during the bronze age. Today's methods of creating a true work of art differ only in the more advanced forms of casting and finishing. The work of sculpting the original models was exactly the same 2000 years ago.

Genesis uses many different artists for this purpose, allowing us greater variety in our sculptures, using only the best subject from each particular artist.

For the real connoisseur of art, a piece of Genesis is treasured in many collections the world over.

Every item in the line is hand made from cold cast bronze and buffed by hand to achieve a distinctive finish that will develop a patina with age. Every item is fully felted on the bottom to protect surfaces.

Most items are offered in Limited Editions, signed by the artist.


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