Brand Philosophy:
Imagine yourself in the ethereal world of Scandinavian deity. At the heart of this world is Gersemi; beautiful - in fact so stunning that the Scandinavian race chose to use her name to describe riches or treasure.

Daughter of the god Frejya she inherited her mothers great beauty and strength. her mother Frejya was queen of the Valkyries and the goddess of love, fertility and desire.

Gersemi inherited her mother’s love for nature and flowers. Her innate love for horses came from her mother’s ride with the Valkyries into battle, but Gersemi preferred to embrace the serenity and strength that horses bring, to all who are touched by them.

Gersemi is now the equestrian fashion brand with a passion for quality, making people feel confidently stylish. Gersemi promises outstanding quality and design.


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