International Riding Helmet

International Riding Helmet

INTERNATIONAL RIDING HELMETS, INC. IS A TRADITION that evolved from a family that has been in the riding industry for four decades. in the early fifties, Angelo Plastino began making riding caps, which were sold by major department stores and a handful of specialty retail shops. He also designed riding caps for members of the royal family, statesmen and other prominent equestrians.

Early in the seventies Angelo's son, Frank, joined the business. As time passed and
the sport of riding evolved, Frank became convinced that issues such as safety
would be driving the industry. In 1986 he founded International Riding Helmets, Inc. to meet the changing needs with new initiatives in product engineering. The company has been at the forefront of rider safety because it is steered by Frank Plastino. Frank is an original member of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)committee on equestrian headgear and a contributor to the development of industry standard F1163.90a.

Grounded in experience and knowledge gained from within the oldest family in the
industry, today International is recognized as a premier designer and manufacturer of
helmets for all riding disciplines.


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