K.Bell Socks

K.Bell Socks

Karen Bell founded K. Bell in 1982. The original company location was in her garage.

Over a 17 year period, the company customer base was primarily focused on individual and small specialty chain apparel stores, as well as sports, tennis, and golf shops.

Sales have grown substantially over the years and as a result the company has moved several times to accommodate this growth. In the process, Ms. Bell also took in two partners, Gary Finder as CEO, and Alan Schneider as President.

Today K. Bell's product line includes all the must have silhouettes in sports, juniors, girls "tweens" and everyday casual legwear.

In addition to the K. Bell brand and private label product, the company designs and distributes l.e.i.™ legwear for juniors and girls, Laurel Burch and the recently acquired "The Girls"™ license. K. Bell also distributes various products to the private label mass market.


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