Laurel Burch

Laurel Burch

Dear Kindred Spirits,

There is such an intimate bond between myself and the collectors that whether or not we ever meet one another, we feel as though we have known each other throughout time. Our shared values are the basis of our instantaneous and heartfelt friendship and I do not take it for granted for a moment. We are, indeed, kindred spirits and my inspiration is borne out of these extraordinary relationships.

In these dramatically changing times, I take to heart my natural gift of creativity, feeling a compelling responsibility to offer images and messages of strength, hope, compassion, comfort and inspiration. It is supremely important not only to create the artwork, but also to find the best way it can be most profoundly used, enjoyed and shared with others.

We must follow our purpose and our passion, and believe in ourselves and each other. This is the message so prevalent in my art. My own purpose and passion is to connect with others in a meaningful way, transcending boundaries and speaking the language of the soul and spirit. My language is my art. Within each and every image I paint is the desire to offer something important about the brightness and goodness of life, of humankind, and integrate these “reminders” into our everyday lives.

I am blessed with the gift of creativity and my great joy in life is dedicating this gift to the world in the hope that in some small way I can influence a focus upon the sacredness of every living thing. My art is an expression of my gratitude and it is meant to be shared with all those who can find their own passion and inspiration within it.

Love & Blessings. Laurel Burch.


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