About Woof Wear
For more than twenty years, Woof Wear has been innovating and producing high-quality protective products suitable for the equine athletes of today. The Original Range, the new Pro Range, the Sports Range and the Travel Range offer products for all levels of equestrian activities. You won't find a tougher, better-performing boot line!

For more than twenty years, Woof Wear has produced high-quality protective products for horses participating in almost any equestrian pursuit, whether it be day-to-day activities or a rigorous international competition.

Woof Wear was established in 1981 and created the first neoprene brushing boot. Traditionally, brushing boots were made of leather. But Woof Wear's innovation meant horses could be protected with boots that were durable and low maintenance. Building on our experience, Woof Wear has continued to innovate and develop a range of products that can be used for all equestrian disciplines.

In-depth research ensures that every Woof Wear product has superb fit and durability. The materials used are the best available and often cutting-edge. Woof Wear was the first to use neoprene, and later, fabrics such as Kevlar® and Airprene (breathable neoprene).

Woof Wear uses state-of-the-art, computer-aided design and manufacturing processes. Great care is taken to ensure that every product meets tough, international quality standards. Combined with testing and feedback from riders, Woof Wear has developed practical, hard-wearing products that provide protection while working in harmony with the horse.


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