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Northwest Dogs in OZ
Annie and Spud relocate to the Midwest.

Greetings from Oz! My name is Annie, and my little Russell housemate is Spud. Our parents, Pam and Randy, brought us to Kansas over two years ago and we are enjoying it here, but we hope to be back in the Northwest soon. I have to have my beautiful long hair clipped in the spring and all summer because it is so HOT here! Occasionally, Mom and Dad coax us into the pool which feels good, but neither one of us like to swim that much! Spud was born at Carolynnís farm and you might know his dad, Sam. We went to the vet the other day for our check up and the vet said Spud was one of the finest looking Jack Russells he had ever seen. HmmmÖhis cuteness factor drops significantly when he hogs the best spot on Mom and Dadís bed! Well, that is all for now from Kansas, time for our afternoon nap!
Submitted by: Pam (for Annie & Spud)
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Scarlett owned by Susan Denny December 2007
Northwest Dogs in OZ
Annie and Spud relocate to the Midwest.

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